Miltainer-TSC (Transport and Storage Container)
These containers are designed for the toughest applications and secure your valuable systems, components, instruments and electrical parts for the defence, aerospace, development and research, high technology and industrial markets.


MAIBACH Transportation and Storage Containers are qualified according to the German military specification VG 95 613 for the packaging levels A + B and are compliant with the requirements of the military standard MIL-STD 810.  In response to customers’ individual requirements, the design types can be declared as approved for the transport of dangerous goods and vibration tests can be conducted. 


Product properties:


  • Pressure and water-vapour proof
  • The airworthiness according to LTR 8145 is certified
  • Outfitted with corrosion-proof recoil spring lever fasteners and snap-back grip handles
  • The stud type grip system allows stacking of unlike-sized cases
  • All integrally coloured in NATO olive drab or any other colour (RAL)
  • Forty standard sizes and six special sizes according to the German military standard VG 95 613 are available

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Our containers fully protect the item of supply to withstand the stresses incurred during transport including


  • Impacts
  • Drops
  • Vibration
  • Humidity and moisture
  • All climate zones and under harsh environmental conditions
  • Dust


MAIBACH is developing cushioning and retaining systems tailored to suit your individual packaging needs.


Customized cushioning made from closed-cell polyethylene foams or other cushioning materials exhibiting excellent damping properties.


We provide individually designed foam cushioning and determination of the residual acceleration (g-value).




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